Abby James (14 Years Old) + Draper (13 Years Old) From Abigail Draper Girl Share Their Brand Building Journey

My sister and I live in Nashville Tennessee. I, Abby James, am in the eighth grade and I am fourteen years old. My sister, Draper, is in the seventh grade and is thirteen. Growing up Draper and I have always had a dream of running our own business. We both have a creative side, but we also have different strengths. I enjoy running Instagram and reaching out to people, while Draper is good at numbers and the technology side of things. In the summer of 2019 after coming home from camp we came up with the idea of Abigail Draper Girl.

Abigail Draper Girl is a company that hopes to give girls voice, confidence, and power. We do this by creating fun and cute clothing that speaks to girls. Our first line that we created is Semi Sweet. As girls we are taught to be sweet and kind, but we believe girls should be sweet and kind while also being strong and standing up for themselves and what they believe in. Since our first launch that included our classic semi sweet shirts, sweatshirts, and trucker hats, we have gone on to expand the line and create a new one called Voice, Confidence, Power. We are so proud to say that today we are in thirteen stores across the country. But we are just like every tween girl we know. Draper loves to dance and dive. I love to act and sing. We both love spending time with our friends and family. We are so excited to partner with Frankie at 8apart with a giveaway (enter now if you haven't already!). I got my first item from 8apart when visiting Frankie’s on the Park in Santa Monica. It is a cute cheetah print skirt (our Artemis Skirt ;)! We hope everyone is staying safe and healthy.


Abby James and Draper Witherspoon from Abigail Draper Girl <3

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Love this post- you sisters are amazing!!!!

Lisa Burik May 14, 2020

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