Grace Ann Shares Her Passion & Musical Dreams (13 Years Old)

Singing and music is everywhere! I have been singing for as long as I could remember. I started writing songs when I was in first grade and ever since then I knew my dream was to become a singer. I always wanted to inspire people with my singing voice since my family and my favorite singers inspired me. In fourth grade I joined my school choir and loved it! It was one of my best experiences. I was then on my way to middle school.

I knew that if I wanted to be a singer, I needed to start now!  So I started a youtube channel (my channel is now called: Hey its Grace Ann). At first I posted DIY videos and vlogs since I was nervous of what people would think of me. After a year with the channel I gathered up enough courage to teach myself a song on the piano and sing for my youtube. I sang “Jar of Hearts”  by Christina Perry and it was one of my most popular videos! Today it has 92 views and is not my most popular.  I kept going on making more songs. Then I sang “Summer of ‘19” by Jenna Davis and it BLEW UP! It got over 3,000 views! I then started making songs every few weeks!

I’m hoping with my channel I can inspire people with my voice, even though I am only 13 I have big plans for the future to make women more empowered to do anything they want. Singing to me is about letting you express your feelings when words can’t. There is no such thing as a bad voice so if your dream is to become a singer and you don’t think you're good enough, believe me you are better than anyone I have heard before. If you want to be a baker, bake some unique treats and just go out there and do it!

You know what you have to do, so get going on what your future awaits.  Don’t stop believing in yourself. If you feel like you are a failure have 3  seconds to yourself then get back up and try again. Deep inside you know what you have to do so let it out and go follow your dreams!

-Grace Ann💕💕


hey Grace, love the article. so inspiring, because I want to sing too. But no one supports me. They think I’m bad but I know I’m good.

sara June 19, 2020

One grace to another, this is amazing! Haha! Love this and I hope all of your plans for the future come true!


Grace June 19, 2020

You go girl!!!’

Lisa Burik May 14, 2020

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