A Collection Of Advice From Roché (24 Years Old)

History repeats itself... we know that. It’s true for the world at large and true for us on the most human level. The ways we personally deal with conflict are patterns we are subject to when confronting challenges in our lives. And with that, the coping mechanisms we develop (the healthy ones) have an endless shelf life. They are tools we should reuse to manage hardships gracefully.

When struggling, I often refer back to my journal for advice I gave myself in the past. This reminds me of obstacles I’ve already overcome and empowers me to deal with whatever it is I am trying to work through with tools I know already work.

Here are some mini mantras, words of encouragement, and tidbits of advice I’ve used to heal myself and navigate change. I hope they serve as a compass for you and inspire a practice of regenerating resilience.

  • Honesty is all we owe each other
  • Abandon your fear
  • Be confident in your exploration
  • Your survival doesn't depend on making others happy
  • Don't chase your thoughts, track your feelings
  • Pay attention to the choices you make about how to feel 
  • Date yourself first
  • Tend to the present
  • Be and attain light
  • Take what you need
  • Flirt with time
  • Embody your truth and shine



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Lisa burik May 14, 2020

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