Staying Confident During COVID-19: Katherine Shares Her Experience (12 Years Old)

It’s hard to tell if the virus is going to get worse or not. But to keep my confidence I just always think good thoughts that the virus is going away. It’s hard to hear on the news that the virus is getting worse, and more people are catching the virus.

Even though I am not in high school yet, I feel really bad for the kids who go to high school and have to miss their prom, graduation, and more! Due to coronavirus, my play was canceled and it was a big bummer. Because I am at home all day, I try new activities that I have never really done before. I tried yoga and it was actually fun and enjoyable. Also, I got better at cooking and baking! I got to spend more time with my kitten and family too. I just have hope that a treatment for the virus will be discovered soon. As a 12 year old girl, I am keeping my hopes up by following what other people are saying to not catch the virus (social distancing for example), and thinking positive that the virus will go away soon!

Stay safe!



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