Our First Blog Post: What Confidence Means to Nina of 8apart (15 years old)

As a fifteen year old girl, my perception of confidence stems from feeling secure, happy just as I am. However, in high school, it feels as though every girl, every friend of  mine, is insecure about something. It feels like it just comes with being a teenager in a society that puts so much pressure on young girls. We are not adults, but we are afraid to be considered children, scared of being considered lame or awkward, worried of being  seen as too weak or too strong. At such a point in my life, I have learned to indulge in the things that make me feel perfect and confident. I have learned to wear the dress that makes me feel comfortable, wear the jeans that feel good to me, regardless of what others may think of them. 

Yes, confidence comes from within, yet taking something as superficial as a new skirt can help a young woman identify their style, understand themselves. In my life there really has not been a line of clothing that only acknowledges this inevitable struggle that girls go through, but celebrates it. This is what makes 8apart attractive to the consumer - it’s not just a brand, it’s a sisterhood.

Right now, I’m not confident all the time. I go through times of anxiety and self-doubt, but being able to experience these things the same as my friends, is truly beautiful. After all, imperfection is what makes us relatable to others, it’s what gives us the human connection. 8apart has given me the medium to express these universal messages that we are all going through the same difficult time. So yeah, I’m still figuring myself out but one thing I know: I am apart of it and so are you.   





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This is an AMAZING post!!!

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