Meet Kamala!

A few weeks back, I detailed the importance of voting. Now, the stakes have been raised. On August 11th, Joe Biden announced that Senator Kamala Harris would be his running mate. For the first time in history, there is a woman of color on the ticket, marking a historical moment that cannot be missed. With this, I again urge everyone to vote. Just think, this year we could elect the first woman into the White House. It is also widely believed that Biden will serve as a one term president; this would mean Senator Harris could be elected as president in 2024. 

After hearing of this huge decision, Frankie and I wanted to do something to commemorate its importance. So, although a small gesture, we decided to name a skirt in our next drop named “Kamala.” However inconsequential that decision may seem, we feel it represents far more than what meets the eye. The empowerment of women has always been a beacon of 8apart and we would be remiss to ignore this opportunity to celebrate a successful woman. Now, when someone buys the Kamala skirt, they will not just be supporting a female owned business, but supporting a woman who is defying all odds in our nation’s government. Now, when someone wears a Kamala, they will not just be rocking a cute skirt, but will be exuding female empowerment. 

We are also eager to announce this coming drop will be made in America. From the start, we have always wanted the collection to be made in the United States, however we live in a world where it is far easier to manufacture outside of our own country’s borders. This said, we thought that it was time to take the more patriotic road, despite its challenges. One more exciting announcement: our new bodysuit, Michelle, named for Michelle Obama, is available to buy now (don’t worry, this one is also made in the USA). Here’s to our new drop, here’s to Michelle, and here’s to Kamala!  



Niina (16 years old)

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I LOVE this .Girl power at it’s finest, so empowering and can’t wait for new skirt!

Erica August 25, 2020

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