A Partner In Crime: Allyship From The Founder's Partner

8apart was born of a dream to champion, celebrate and uplift young women—a sisterhood, created by sisters, for any girl on her way. This is a place of strength, confidence and unending positivity. A brand built to stand (and dance) alongside girls as they challenge the uneven world outside, and do it with a smile as bright as the sun.


But before it could find its wings, 8apart needed its own champion. Someone willing to take a risk, work overtime and step into the fog of the unknown, then, take every task head on herself. As founder, copywriter, designer, CFO, CEO, art and logistics director, Frankie has done it all. Literally. It’s the qualities the define my partner, Frankie, that define 8apart.


For years, I’ve watched Frankie play role model and real model, grunt worker and business owner. Her grit, ambition and strength is balanced only by her loving heart, boundless joy and unforgiving smile. Once a mean girl herself—wayyy back in the day—Frankie grew to become the living, breathing antithesis to the you can’t sit with us mentality.


Like her, 8apart is alive—evolving, growing and changing; in the midst of a glamorous glow up. What it is today will change tomorrow. For sure, it will have its stay-in sweats days; its wanna give up and go home days. But 8apart isn’t cut from that cloth. Why every piece isn’t purple and gold, I don’t know, because it, Frankie and the brave girls a part of it are worthy of royalty.


Sure, I’m biased. But this isn’t a news article. It’s a gas up. Because behind every successful woman (and especially man) is an ally, a partner. Someone who’s there to listen, brainstorm, fuck around with, catch you when you fall and help pick up the pieces when shit hits the fan. Frankie is all that to me. All I can do is try and return the favor.


– Carter (26 years old)

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Suzie Golub August 30, 2020

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