What Our New Skirts Mean To Us

Happy May!! As we head into a much needed summer, we are excited to drop our new skirts. For this drop, we wanted to name both skirts after powerful female athletes. In today’s world, women’s athletics are often underestimated and frequently disregarded. However, in our new drop, we pay homage to two women athletes that refuse to be ignored: Serena Williams and Lindsey Vonn. In naming these skirts, we are hoping to honor not just Serena and Lindsey, but all women who persevere in their passion areas despite being told they are not good enough. Despite being told their gender limits their ability. Despite being branded as too intense or too muscular. 

With that, we sincerely hope all of you love our new skirts, not just for their style, but for their meaning. At 8apart, every skirt has a story, every name has an identity. That’s the beauty of a brand founded by women for women; you can trust that each decision we make is to amplify our sisters’ voices and celebrate their successes. We are so excited to continue dropping new pieces, to continue honoring new women. That’s what 8apart of it is all about; we are all a part of it. The only question remains: who should we name our next piece after? There are so many amazing women to choose from. 

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