Nina's Welcome Back Message

Hey guys, I’m so happy to be back! While I took a break from writing for Apart of It, I have greatly missed the community this blog fosters. However, upon my return to writing, I wanted to rethink the goals of Apart of It. In an effort to seek inspiration, I started reading blogs written by other women. Although I found all their work to be impressive and well done, I was unsettled by the content of every female blogger’s work. Ranging from style tips to motherhood advice, these blogs felt far too conventional. Don’t get me wrong, I love to read women share their makeup routines and dieting recommendations, but I worry they put women in a box. We need these voices from women, however they cannot be the only voices we hear. Otherwise, female blogs will remain limited to superficial and stereotypical “female issues.” Thus, moving forward, I strive to make Apart of It different. I want to use this platform to write about some of the more complex aspects of being a woman in today’s day and age. Let’s talk about the wage gap or women’s athletics. Let’s open the conversation about access to period products and intersectionality. Let’s hear the stories of our fellow women. Let’s use this space to empower other female bloggers, but to redefine what a blog written by and for women should look like. Welcome back to Apart of It! 

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I’m so proud of my girls!❤️

Judy Rolfe January 11, 2021

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