How Nina's Doing Less

Happy almost spring! In light of the changing of seasons, I wanted to use this opportunity to talk about how stressed I was - and conceivably many others were - throughout the winter months. Second semester junior year is certainly tough, but I have also felt as though I said yes to too many commitments. Feeling pressure to help everyone, check everything off my to-do list, and stay updated on the news, I’ve had little time to decompress and practice self-care over the past few months. I’m sure this is a common sentiment amongst most people at this time, but with spring comes a new opportunity to do less

I have always been the first person to overcommit myself - and consequently perhaps underdeliver. Historically, I will ignore the urge to catch up on sleep or start a new book if that means sacrificing some obligation I have. I have always thought these practices were positive and demonstrative of my reliability and responsibility. But recently, I have been asking myself: at what cost? At what point should I close my computer and call a friend? At what point am I being too relaxed and when am I being too uptight? 

Bearing in mind that I will always be slightly strict when it comes to my assigned tasks, I am going to make a concerted effort to take more time for me. More time to decompress. More time to let my mind wander. More time to zone out. More time to bake a cake. More time to binge watch a show. Who’s with me?

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You are inspiring me Nina!!!!

Regina Phalange February 28, 2021

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