Dena Shares How She Started Her Business in Quarantine (13 years old)

I have always known I had a passion for art. Ever since second grade, I have been participating in art classes. I did ceramics classes for 4 years as well as drawing and glass fusion classes in elementary school.

To pass the time during the quarantine, I scrolled through Tik Tok and found this super cool artist doing something called Cartoon Edits. Cartoon Edits are when the artist traces over an image and makes it look like a cartoon character, but with no facial details.

After seeing this, I got my iPad and stylus and started working. First, I only made edits for friends and family. Then people started asking for more edits with their friends. This is where DK Designs was born. I made an Instagram account and I started getting tons of DM’s from people all over the country.  One day, the edits where coming in slowly, so I decided to edit some of the Frankie's On The Park Girls- Willow and Amara. The edit was a big hit and Frankies reposted it on their story, which was super exciting. Within minutes of the repost, I was getting lots of new followers and requests to have photos edited. By the end of that day I had gained 50 followers and done around 20 edits, which is a lot of work. From then on it has just gone upwards, and now I do 20 to 30 edits everyday!

Quarantine is what got me back into art and drawing in general. Creating is fun and relaxing to me!  Other than drawing, I loved to go on long runs, walks, clean my room and closet and zoom with friends and family. There are so many hobbies you can pursue and I would highly suggest ending your quarantine boredom and trying something new.

Dena <3 @dkdesigns___

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