8apart's Goals For 2022

At the start of each new year, at 8apart, we always outline our brand goals for the year. In comprehensively crafting these New Year’s resolutions, if you will, we hope to further our embodiment of brand ideals; with each new year, so too does the opportunity to evolve as a more inclusive sisterhood. Frankie and I would love to share our goals for 8apart in 2022 with you all. We hope that in doing so, we can establish 8apart as a constant beacon of empowerment for young women. We're here to stand with our girls. To uplift them.

  • Get into more stores across the country: Currently, we are in 10 stores across the US, however, we cannot wait to expand. Specifically, we would love to grow our presence throughout the country. Any suggestions for which stores we should go in next?

  • Do more events and spread the brand awareness further: We love doing our 8apart popups; they truly are the best way to connect with our sisters and explore new markets. So far, we have hosted events with sororities, stores, loyal customers, etc. We can’t wait for another year of events! 

  • To come up with amazing designs that fit a range of ages and sizes: As always, we are working on designing the most inclusive and fashionable styles yet. Stay tuned for more on our new pieces for 2022 soon!!

  • Do more work with female-focused charities: The ethos of 8apat is grounded in giving back to communities of strong women. Let us know if you have any specific charities mind that we could partner with this year to continue our service work. 

We have lofty goals, but we can’t wait to achieve them. 2022 will be a great year for the 8apart sisterhood!

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